Why Clergy Coaching?

Coaching is a proven strategy in leadership development.

At Clergy Coaching Network we offer the power of Executive Coaching to church leaders at a price that is affordable.

Executive coaching delivers a "Return on Investment" of nearly six times the initial cost of coaching, according to a survey of 100 senior executives who participated in coaching programs. Executives said the biggest tangible business results their coaching yielded were: improved productivity (53%), better quality work product (48%) and greater organizational strength (48%). From an intangible standpoint, executives reported better relationships with their direct reports (77%); better relationships with their supervisors (71%); improved teamwork (67%); better relationships with peers (63%); and greater job satisfaction (61%). [Right Management Consultants (July 13, 2004)]

Over the next decade a significant number of clergy will be stepping into leadership roles for which they may be unprepared.

These clergy will need someone to come along side them to be both a support partner and serve as an accountability partner as they seek to navigate a new kind of congregation.

Coaching is tailored to the individual.

Clergy Coaching Network is customized to each pastor’s unique gifts, needs, passions and context of ministry. The CcNet process begins with a thorough assessment of the CcNet pastor’s gifts, strengths, temperament, emotional intelligence, habits, health and leadership style.

Coaching is a co-creative relationship.

There’s no authority figure. It is entirely confidential. The Clergy Coaching Network team, each assistant coach and the pastor will work together employ all their knowledge, resources, skills and intuition to problem solve on the pastor-client’s behalf.