What We Do

What is clergy coaching?

Coaching is not about an expert telling you how you should do life or ministry.. Real change has to come from deep within you.

What we want to do is help you see how coaching can work its magic for you and how it can help you manage the changes in our life—not just right now, but throughout your life.

One definition of coaching is…

A purposeful conversation that inspires you to create your best life as a pastor or ministry leader.
Coaching uses dialogue to move you along in the right direction. When you engage in a purposeful conversation with your coach, you get to the root of things. You may discuss the following topics, for example:

  • Why you act the way that you do
  • Which beliefs about yourself limit you or stop you form taking certain actions
  • What your options really are
  • How you can best go about getting the best results
  • How you can maintain your motivation

Coaching conversations are meant to leave you refreshed, inspired and ready for action. But coaching is more than inspiring you to live the life you want;

Sometimes your best experience of life comes from facing up to the uncomfortable parts and understanding the lessons within them. Coaching conversations help you identify how to live your very best life, the one that taps into all your potential, your strengths and the Spirit of God within you.

Coaching assumes that the answers are not “out there”–you already have them all and life coaching shows you how and where to find them.

What coaching is NOT:

  • It is not counseling or therapy.
  • It is not mentoring.
  • It is not giving advice.

Coaching gives you the space and permission and the support to work things out calmly and objectively, based on what you really need or want.