Welcome to The Clergy Coaching Network

A network for coaches and resources – for pastors and ministry leaders who want to experience the joy of transformational leadership.

Who We Are

Our Vision

Helping clergy and ministry leaders experience the joy of transformative leadership

Our Values

  • We recognize that God is already at work in each of the pastors and ministry leaders that we serve.
  • We believe that nothing causes us to reach higher and accomplish greater things than having people in our lives that love us for who we are and believe unconditionally in what we can become
  • We believe that each minister’s insight is much more powerful than our advice.
  • We are at our best when we have someone who believes in us, listens to us, supports and challenges us and wants to bring out the best in us.
  • As coaches, our unique role is to help each pastor we serve to think creatively, to develop their own solutions, to stretch themselves, to take responsibly for their choices and to maximize their potential in fulfilling God’s dream.

Our Goals

  • To help clergy and ministry leaders clarify their mission and calling
  • To help clergy and ministry leaders identify their core values
  • To help clergy and ministry leaders identify resources that can be activated in pursuit of their mission/calling
  • To help clergy and ministry leaders become adaptive in their leadership
  • To coach to the gap-the distance between where a minister is and where God has called him/her to be
  • To help clergy and ministry leaders identify what they could do, want to do and will do in order to narrow the gap and fulfill their ministry
  • To hold pastors and ministry leaders to their vision and help them to move toward it.