Sermon Coaching – Coaching to help you become a More Effective Preacher

How Coaching Helps You Grow as a Preacher

  1. Follow proven methods for improving your sermon preparation, the sermon’s content and its delivery. Sermon coaching will target the most important areas for you to work on right away.
  2. Advice and Support from someone you can trust. Your sermon coach has the best interests of you and your congregation in mind.
  3. Grow in confidence. Gain the assurance that you really do have something to say! You have a message that your church needs to hear, and will be blessed to hear.


Three Coaching Options

Option 1: Dr. Frank Thomas

Client Completes

  1. Self Reflection Survey
  2. The Wheel of Preaching
  3. Submits one sermon to Preaching Coach for review.

Session One: Review Client Self Reflection Survey, the Preaching Wheel And Set Preaching Goals and Establish Assignments
Session Two: 
Review of Client submitted sermon and Preaching Goals and Assignments
Session Three ~ Seven: 
Review Client Preaching Goals and Assignments
Session Eight: 
Review Final Sermon and Evaluate Client Goals and Assignments (Client Submit Final Sermon to Preaching Coach for review)
Session Nine: 
Review Final Sermon
Session Ten: Evaluation, Wrap-Up, and Sending Forth

*Note: All sessions are by phone and last one hour

For cost and more information, Frank’s personal web site is:

Option 2: Rev. Rick Kirchoff

  1. The pastor/client has a cross section of the congregation complete a preaching evaluation
  2. The pastor/client reviews and reflects on learnings from resources for effective preaching
  3. Each session of coaching will include a review of the pastor’s previous sermon and significant time working with the coach in preparation for the next message.

The process begins with an initial coaching session to reflect on the learing resources and continues with four sessions by phone, lasting 90 minutes each. Additional sessions can be added as requested by the client. Cost: $100 per session.

Option 3: Rev. Teresa Angle-Young -- Stressless Preaching: Getting to Sunday Without Losing Your Religion

Rev. Teresa Angle-Young offers this 10 session coaching program in preaching that includes working through a workbook along with her review of 5 sermons (either before or after they are delivered) with written and verbal coaching on each one. Her price for "Stressless Preaching" is $800, which includes the workbook and 10 coaching sessions.